Character Anatomy – Draw Guide


Body Torso Shape

Start with the body, draw the body’s main 3 sections

Chest Shape

Mid area too ez so skip to the Crotch shape

Crotch Shape

Draw this one like an underwear

Body Torso Tips

Body torso perspective look

Woman’s torso shape tips

Adjust Shoulder Shape

Don’t draw it flag unless you want to do some specific style

Sometimes shoulder can be above a bit

Head Shape

Like the torso, the head has 3 main part

Face Shape

For the easy drawing, the face shape can be a mask

Something like this

Neck Shape

Legs Shape

Leg are just a curve and a straight line

1 curve, 1 straight

Feet Shape

Pick toe and heel location then connect
2 toe section for ez draw

Arms Shape

Draw hand location first

Then connect the rest


The forearm is a cylinder shape and goes smaller toward the wrist


The palm is a thin square, divide fingers into a different session

Character Draft

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